Our History

Monte Adentro Foods is a company founded in 2016 by Lizbeth Colorado and Hector Sotomayor, natives of the towns of Salinas and Ponce, Puerto Rico, respectively.
Lizbeth and Héctor 
El Nuevo Día interviewed us, watch the video and you can learn more about our history.
We are parents that decided to seek new horizons in the United States to be able to give our children a better quality of life, as many other Latinos do. Due to the scarcity of a spicy Puerto Rican style sauce in Central Florida, we were determined to create a product with a very special recipe that Lizbeth Colorado's mother once gave her. 
"Thank God, the recipe came out perfectly. Then we decided to start our own business. Little by little we began to have a small loyal clientele that loved our original product, until the creation of our products that has brought in more clients from all over," said Sotomayor.
Monte Adentro Foods was branded that way because the ingredients we use come, naturally, from the heart of the mountain.
Our main desire in Monte Adentro Foods is to satisfy the needs of Puerto Ricans living in the diaspora far from the island. When they add "Pike Borikua" to their meals, they are transported to their grandmother's dining room table back in Puerto Rico. 
The first product successfully launched in the market was "Pike Borikua".
The sauce can be used to enhance your gastronomic experience when tasting all kinds of food, including pasta, rice, soup, the famous "Sancocho Boricua" or meats. 
Currently, there is a variety of products to choose from ranging from the original Pike Boricua to the Guavapiña Habanero Sweet and Mild Hot Sauce, Chimichurri and Giardiniera. Monte Adentro Foods also packages and distributes pure honey products.
Our aspirations are to continue creating sauces with different flavors that each and every person can enjoy. 
Our products are available in various U.S. states, such as Florida, Texas, Chicago, New York, Georgia, North Carolina, Hawaii and Nevada. Monte Adentro Foods products can also be found in some restaurants in Puerto Rico. 
Monte Adentro Foods Family
We recently received a recognition from the Puerto Rican Artisans and Artists Association of Florida as the most outstanding Micro Handicraft Empress in 2018, they recognize our trajectory, fast growth and as worthy representatives of their association.